The sino:bit is a single board computer for education in China designed by Naomi Wu and Elecrow. The design of the sino:bit is similar to the Calliopie Mini and BBC micro:bit but customized with features like an extended 12x12 LED matrix that can display Asian characters and more. MicroPython is a version of the Python programming language created by Damien George that can run on small single board computers like the BBC micro:bit. This project is a fork of MicroPython for the BBC micro:bit that’s intended to run and support the hardware of the sino:bit.

Example Programs

Here are a few examples that will load right in the code editor. Ignore the prompt for a password and just press enter, none is set. Click download to retrieve a hex file you can drag to the sino:bit’s drive and program it!

More sino:bit Information

BBC micro:bit and MicroPython Information

Note this project is not related to the BBC micro:bit MicroPython port (beyond being the starting point for the code of this port). Questions, issues, or support for this port should not be directed at the micro:bit community.

Project State

This is currently an experimental / brand new port of MicroPython. Be aware it is under development and may not work as expected! No guarantees are made with regard to API stability or compatibility, support, or frequency of updates and releases.

When they are available pre-built binary firmwares will be published in the releases tab of this GitHub repository. These are the .hex files you want to drag onto the sino:bit’s MICROBIT drive to load the firmware.

Project Goals

This is currently a brain dump of some ideas, goals, to-dos for this project.

Differences with the BBC micro:bit